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  • Plasma Reactor
  • Artificial Lung
  • Nuclear Reactor
  • Bicycle Helmet
  • Airbag
  • Bridge
  • Pipe Collapse
  • Friction Welding
  • Exhaust Manifold
  • Hydromount
  • Deep Drawing
  • Turbine
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Tech Briefs

For our NX Nastran Advanced Non-Linear Customers

ADINA R & D would like to keep NX Nastran Advanced Non-Linear (SOL 601/701) customers very satisfied and continuously served with valuable solution capabilities. Hence, please note:

The ADINA solver can be used with Simcenter 3D and Femap pre/post.

The ADINA solver offers all the capabilities of the Advanced Non-Linear solver offered by Siemens and many more, such as:

    • Special-purpose advanced nonlinear elements for mechanical joints, sliders, bushings, bearings,   dashpots, robotic arms, etc.
    • Fully-coupled thermo-mechanical analysis.
    • Bolt tightening sequences (bolt tables).
    • Frequency analysis at any solution time in linear and nonlinear analysis, including contact.
    • Buckling and post-buckling response of solids and structures, including geometric imperfections.
    • Analysis zoom to create detailed local models from a coarse model of the entire structure.
    • Cyclic symmetry and periodic symmetry boundary conditions.
    • Initial stresses/strains for all element types in linear and nonlinear analysis.
    • Automatic analysis switch to change the analysis type at any solution time, including switching to   frequency analysis.
    • Fracture mechanics.
    • Model reduction schemes such as substructuring, component mode synthesis, and general elements.
    • User-defined elements, materials, loads, and frictional contact conditions.

    And many more capabilites — in particular

    • Fluid-structure interaction analysis.
    • Multiphysics analysis.

ADINA R & D offers special pricing for you as a user of SOL 601/701.

Please contact ADINA R & D for a full list of capabilities and special pricing to obtain ADINA.

Launching Soon

We are working on our new website.
We will be launching our new website soon.

ADINA 9.4.4 has been released

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