Parasolid Interface

Parasolid is a leading production-proven core solid modeling system. Parasolid forms the kernel of the ADINA Modeler (ADINA-M), ADINA's own solid modeler. It is also the base of popular commercial modelers including:

Due to the common geometry engine, the ADINA Modeler provides a natural interface to all Parasolid-based CAD systems. The ADINA User Interface can communicate directly with the Parasolid data structure. This means that any pre-processing command that requires geometric information, e.g., meshing, accesses the exact geometric data. Also, boundary conditions and loads can be applied directly to the geometry.

Parasolid assemblies, which are collections of bodies, can be loaded into the ADINA Modeler. Matching faces of adjacent bodies can be linked so that compatible meshes are generated at the interfaces.

The following pictures show a 3D mesh generated on a Parasolid assembly featuring 114 bodies. Please, click on thumbnails for larger images.

Mesh of back-hoe loader.

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