Question QI-002:

Why am I not able to install the ADINA node-locked license on my PC?


This applies only to the ADINA node-locked license. If you are using the floating license, please see FAQ QI-004.

To start the Node-Locked License Installation Program, click

Start > Programs > ADINA System 8.x > Install Node-Locked License

If you are using the Sentinel C-Plus dongle, please make sure that

  1. the dongle is attached firmly to the parallel port
  2. you have installed the Sentinel C-Plus driver, especially if ADINA is newly installed on this PC.
The Sentinel C-Plus driver is located on the ADINA CD-ROM under the \Drivers folder:
  • \Drivers\Sentinel System Driver Installer 7.4.0.exe

Alternatively, you can download a zip file containing the driver here.

Other common problems:

  • Mis-typing the password.
    If you received your password through email, please save the password file as a text file (i.e. with .txt extension). Then, use the Import button in the License Installation program to read the password file.
    If you received your password through fax, please make sure that there are no leading or trailing blank spaces in the password that you enter.
  • Wrong date on the machine. Please correct the date.

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