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ADINA-FSI Analysis with Nastran Input

In the ADINA News, April 15, 2006, we featured the use of Nastran models to run CFD fluid-structure interaction (FSI) analyses, and showed results of a shock absorber solved with a Nastran model in ADINA. As Nastran is widely used in the industry, many pre-processors can be employed to prepare models in the Nastran format.

Therefore, we have implemented tools in the ADINA User Interface (AUI) to import Nastran files. This open approach allows users of various pre-processors to access the powerful CFD and FSI capabilities in ADINA.

Here we provide the step-by-step procedure for creating an ADINA-FSI analysis model (for the analysis of a flexible structure subjected to steady-state flow, see above animation) using Nastran input files. If you are interested to view the procedure, please click on the link below.

ADINA-FSI Analysis with Nastran Input

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