CFD Thermal Analysis with Specular Radiation of Car Headlamp

ADINA is used extensively in the analysis of car headlamps. Temperature distributions in the lamps and the resulting thermal stresses are of interest. The solution involves the finite element representation of the bulb, lens, and housing, the enclosed air (or other gas), the heat flux loads from the bulb filaments, and the specular radiation in the lamp. The coupled fluid flow heat transfer solution is obtained using the CFD and specular radiation capabilities in ADINA, and the thermal stresses are calculated using its structural analysis capabilities.

Finite Element Model

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Comparison with Test Results

Location Temperature (deg. F)
ADINA Measured Difference View
Housing 253 245.8 + 2.9% Image
Lens 211 206.1 + 2.4% Image
Signal Housing 256 237.4 + 7.8% Image
Signal Lens 156.5 166.1 - 5.8% Image