Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the ADINA System, mostly applicable to versions 9.8 and earlier. For the most current information, please refer to the Bentley Communities Wiki.


  1. Why am I not able to install the ADINA System on my HP-UX system? [QI-001]
  2. Why am I not able to install the ADINA node-locked license on my PC? [QI-002]
  3. Why does the ADINA Install License program report different system IDs when my PC is connected or not connected to the network? (node-locked license only) [QI-003]
  4. Why am I not able to run ADINA using the floating license? [QI-004]
  5. How does ADINA program licensing work? [QI-005]
  6. How can I access the online manuals from the AUI on my Unix/Linux machine? [QI-006]
  7. Why can't I run the ADINA 64-bit Windows program on my 64-bit Windows PC? [QI-007]
  8. On my 64-bit Windows PC, I need to run ADINA on a node-locked license when the network cable is not connected. However, the Install Node-Locked License program is not able to return a System ID. How do I proceed? [QI-008]


  1. When I start ADINA-AUI, why is there no image on the icons? [QU-001]
  2. When I print from ADINA-AUI, nothing comes out from the printer. What is the problem? [QU-002]
  3. Why don't the AUI graphics function properly on my PC? [QU-003]
  4. How can I change the magnification factor of the deformed plot? [QU-004]
  5. How do I write the exponentiation operation in a resultant expression? [QU-005]
  6. How do I improve the display of bodies in ADINA-AUI? [QU-006]
  7. Why does the AVI movie created by ADINA-AUI look terrible when played back on Windows Media Player? [QU-007]
  8. I can use the Next Solution, Previous Solution, First Solution and Last Solution icons to display the results for the time step of my choice. But is there an easier and faster way to do it, if I have many time steps in my model and I want to look at the results for some intermediate solution time? [QU-008]
  9. Is it possible to view SCALE DISPLACEMENTS of various values other than the default one equal to 10%? [QU-009]
  10. How do I create an EPS file with preview using the AUI? [QU-010]
  11. When I am using the AUI, I get an error message similar to

    AUI Error
    Write to temporary database file was unsuccessful. 539016 bytes at record 278479703, record length = 32 bytes.

    What does this mean? [QU-011]

  12. How can I get the AUI to plot my large model more quickly? [QU-012]
  13. On Windows, why does the AUI display circles as ellipses, or squares as rectangles? [QU-013]
  14. On Linux, why does the bitmap snapshot icon Bitmap Snapshot fail with a GLX error message? [QU-014]


  1. How do I save the ADINA global stiffness and mass matrices into a file? [QA-001]

CAD Interfaces

  1. Where can I find the TRANSOR for I-DEAS manual? [QC-001]
  2. I get an error message from TRANSOR for I-DEAS that the number of element groups exceeds 200. What is the problem? [QC-002]
  3. How do I install TRANSOR for Femap? [QC-003]


  1. How do I send large files to ADINA? [QG-001]
  2. How can I run the ADINA programs in batch mode? [QG-002]
  3. Why don't I receive printed copies of some manuals? [QG-003]
  4. How do I access the ADINA ftp site? [QG-004]
  5. When I try to run the ADINA analysis program on my IBM machine, why do I get an error that the program cannot be loaded? [QG-005]
  6. How do I join or leave the ADINA News Group? [QG-006]
  7. What is the version of Fortran compiler required for customization of user-supplied routines? [QG-007] 

  8. When I compile an ADINA user supplied subroutine on Linux, the problem stops with the following error in the *.msg file:
    Initializing ... Stage 1
    Allocating 16000000 bytes of Memory ...
    Initializing ... Stage 2
    Initial ADINA memory allocation  - 16.0 mb  (or 4.0 mw)
    Starting Solution Process ...
    Computation starts ...
    Input phase...
    /home/adina832/adina8.3/adina.exe: relocation error:
    /home/adina832/adina8.3/ undefined symbol:

    What is the cause of this error? [QG-008]

  9. Can ADINA be used with Windows Vista and Windows 7? [QG-009]

  10. When starting ADINA on a 64-bit Windows computer, there is an AUI error message:

    Error: Unable to start the program c:\ADINA85\x64\aui.exe
    Please check ADINAHOME environment
    What is the cause of this error? [QG-010]