Question QC-003:

How do I install TRANSOR for Femap?


To install TRANSOR for Femap, run the ADINA installation program, choose the "Custom" Setup Type and click the Next button.


In the window that opens, make sure that the TRANSOR for Femap option is checked. Click the Next button and complete the installation as prompted.


After installation, you can find "Install ADINA Menu" under the "Custom Tools" option of the FEMAP toolbar.


If the "Custom Tools" option is not visible in the Femap main window, please activate it using the Tools > Toolbars menu.

(If you use Windows Vista, please run Femap by selecting "Run application as Administrator" by right clicking Femap.exe before the above installation step.)

After installation, a new “ADINA” toolbar will be added into FEMAP user interface.

To uninstall TRANSOR for FEMAP, please first select "Uninstall ADINA Menu" under the "Custom and User Tools" toolbar in FEMAP before you uninstall the ADINA programs.

For more information, please refer to the TRANSOR for Femap User Guide in the "C:\ADINA9x\Docs" folder (the default installation location) or click "ADINA Structures" and select "User Guide".