Question QI-006:

How can I access the online manuals from the AUI on my Unix/Linux machine?


In order to read the online manuals you will need a PDF viewer, e.g., Acrobat Reader which may be downloaded from the Adobe web site.

On a Linux machine, an alternative to Acrobat Reader is Xpdf, which usually comes by default on any Linux OS installation. If Xpdf is not installed on your Linux OS, you can download it here.

To know where Xpdf is located on your machine, please type

which xpdf

Once you have finished the installation of ADINA, go to the tools directory inside the ADINA home directory and create a symbolic link to the PDF viewer of your choice as follows:

cd <ADINAHOME>/tools
ln -s <location of your PDF viewer> ./acroread

Now, you can open the online manuals from the Help menu within the AUI.