Question QU-001:

When I start ADINA-AUI, why is there no image on the icons?


This does not apply to ADINA System 8.0.

This may happen when running ADINA-AUI 7.5 and earlier versions on Unix workstations. The most likely reason is that you started ADINA-AUI using the wrong command.

First, make sure that your path includes <ADINA home directory>/tools where <ADINA home directory> refers to the directory where the ADINA System is installed.

Assuming that the ADINA System is installed on /usr/adina, you can use the following commands to add to your path:

For C shell: set path=($path /usr/adina/tools)
For Bourne shell or K shell: export PATH=$PATH:/usr/adina/tools

You should put the above command in your .cshrc file or .profile file so that you do not need to issue the command each time you want to run ADINA-AUI.

Then issue the following command to start ADINA-AUI 7.5:


The icons should be properly displayed now. If not, please check that you have permission to access the files in the directory <ADINA home directory>/aui7.5/bitmaps.