ADINA: Premier simulation software for advanced analysis

ADINA is widely used in industry and academia to solve the most difficult problems in solids & structures, heat transfer, fluids, electromagnetics, FSI and multiphysics. Read more.

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ADINA: Designing for the most demanding environments

The robust contact capabilities and the reliable element formulations make ADINA the preferred solution program for the most difficult problems in industry. Read more.


ADINA: meeting the challenges of automotive design

ADINA is routinely used for safety studies in the automotive industry, providing insight into the mechanics of air bags, roof crush, and tires, as well as headlamps, shock absorbers, hydraulic engine mounts, and exhaust manifolds. Read more.


ADINA: Predicting collapse in deepwater pipelines

The collapse analysis of pipes is important to a number of industries, most notably the oil and gas industries. Here, ADINA was used to perform a benchmark study against laboratory results, and predictions made by ADINA Structures closely match test data. Read more.


ADINA: giving insights in biomechanics research

ADINA contributes to the understanding of cerebrospinal fluid dynamics and its complex interaction with brain tissues, giving insight into the causes of central nervous system abnormalities. Read more.

ADINA R&D, Inc. is now a Bentley Company

Read about ADINA and Bentley here.

The latest information about ADINA is available here.

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For our NX Nastran Advanced Non-Linear Customers

The ADINA solver offers all the capabilities of the NX Nastran Advanced Non-Linear solver (Sol 601/701) and many more.
For a full list of capabilities and special pricing for SOL 601/701 users, please view our NX Nastran Customer page.

We are pleased to announce that the new version of ADINA, v. 9.8.2, is now available for download. See Release Notes.