Mesh Generation

Mesh generation capabilities in ADINA include:
  • meshing for 1D elements such as truss, beam, and pipe elements,
  • 2D surface meshing for shells, plates, and 2D planar elements, and
  • general 3D meshing for solids and fluids
This section on mesh generation mostly describe our 3D meshing capabilities which include:
  • mapped meshing that generates brick, wedge, or tetrahedral elements, and
  • free-form meshing that generates tetrahedral elements.
  • mixed free-form meshing that generates hexahedra along with pyramids (if desired) and tetrahedra
Please click on the links below for the explanation and illustration of the features in our mesh generation capabilities.
Meshing Capabilities

Some other features

Automatic Free-Form All-Brick Elements in Meshes

Automatic Hex Dominant Meshing

Effective Meshes using the Size Function Option

The Body Defeature Tool

The Body Cleanup Tool