ADINA Student Edition

An introduction to the premier simulation software for advanced analysis

Results from an ADINA structural analysis of a propeller, performed in Femap


Free of charge for registered university students and professors with the signing of an academic license agreement. Click here for more details.

Non-university Students

Want to test the powerful analysis capabilities of ADINA, but you don’t require the full version of ADINA? Non-university students can access the Student Edition for a fraction of the price of the full version. You will be invoiced according to the license agreement. Click here for more details.

When you install the Student Edition, you will have on disk a Primer with problems that you can use to test the capabilities of this limited version. The programs available in this version are listed in the following table.

ADINA Structures ADINA Thermal ADINA
Yes1,5,6 Yes1,5,6 Yes2,5,6 Yes2,5,6 - - Yes6 Yes3,6 Yes4,6

        1 Model limited to 900 nodes for structural and thermal analyses
        2 Model limited to 2700 nodes for CFD and electromagnetic (EM) analyses
        3 ADINA-M solid modeler is provided based on Open Cascade
        4 Femap interface
        5 No user-coded subroutines
        6 The Student Edition is a 64-bit version that installs and runs only on 64-bit Windows®.

To ensure that the latest version of the programs is used, the license expires in a year or earlier, at which time the program can no longer be used. If a CD is desired instead of downloading, a CD of the current version can be purchased for US$80.

For a study of finite element methods used in ADINA, Finite Element Procedures (by K.J. Bathe) can be useful. A Chinese translation of the 2nd edition is also available: Vol. 1 Vol. 2

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